Sonntag, 21. März 2021

Riviera VW T2 - Verkaufsanzeige Juli 20

Verkauft wurde dieser Bulli aus Arizona von KNOBI- Knoblauch International. Nachfolgend ist konnte ich die Verkaufsanzeigen noch herausfinden, hier vergisst das Internet nicht und bedarf ein bissl Recherche. Ich muss mir selbst noch ein genaues Bild über die Riviera Geschichte und Ausstattung machen, war ich doch sehr auf die Westfalia Modelle fokussiert. Vielleicht kann ich noch etwas mehr über die Geschichte herausfinden.

Bilder Verkaufsanzeige

So you think you want a Westfalia? Well, maybe you didn’t realize that there are options. If you had limited your desires to the Westy craze, it might be time to open your eyes to something just as good, if not better in some cases. What we have here, is a full Pop-Up-Top Riviera Campmobile in excellent condition. Having spent most of its life in the Southwestern US, most recently in Arizona, prior in Utah, this Bus is in very nice condition, ready to take you anywhere. It is claimed to have only 95,000 miles, as is stated on the clear actual miles AZ title and the condition would confirm it. This Camper is in great original condition throughout and runs like a champ. There are a few dents, touch-up and some minor repainted areas, but for the most part it maintains its factory paint and sheet-metal. No rust, except in the dreaded battery tray. Original Mexicobeige with correct brown front seats. Original fuel injection system, good tires, new trim rings, new spare tire cover, factory stripe kit, etc. Riviera cabinets with wardrobe, sink, 2-burner stove, refrigerator, table, fold down couch, etc. Top fabric has some small tears. A car cover is included. Turn the key and fulfill your dreams. SOLD Riviera History Riviera Motors was the Beaverton, Oregon based regional distributor of Volkswagens. In the early 60’s they contracted ASI (Automotive Services, Inc.) in Vancouver WA, for Type 2 camper conversions modeled after Westfalia Campmobiles. This decision was based on the limited availability of factory Westfalia Busses, as VW based the delivery of Westy’s to a dealer on the amount of trucks and panel busses sold. VW pickups and panels were slow sellers and Knute Qvale, owner of Riviera Motors, decided on an alternate plan. He knew a cabinet maker named Lasko and assigned him to design & build a camper conversion that would work with the VW panel. Being the distributor, he then imposed a new regime on his downstream dealers: You get X number of Westfalia campers when you buy Y number of my "Riviera" campers. Dealers were hesitant at first, but once they'd seen the workmanship of the conversion, they got on board. Over the years the ASI conversions became more like mini-motorhomes and less like campers. ASI used their own pop-top, similar in appearance to Westfalia's, but actually quite different in execution. The cabinets, etc , initially clones of Westfalia's designs, diverged over the years. All of the fittings, hardware, etc. in ASI vehicles are standard mobile home/RV stuff. Every year the sales reps from Westfalia-Werk would arrive in Portland to see what new things Knute was adding to his campers. Many of those ideas appeared in next year's Westfalia. They exchanged ideas on what hardware held up and what layout seemed to be popular. Westfalia also began using off the shelf RV parts, some still available in European RV shops. ASI campers, being much lighter than their German counterparts, usually did not require a belly pan. They were built on Cargo Kombi Vans, even with double-doors, and continued on to the mid-80's. Al Lasko, son of the original cabinet maker, is still in business in Vancouver. The Busses may not have appreciated as much as the Westy counterparts, but they are equally if not more user friendly and certainly more rare than the big brother.

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  1. Liest sich traumhaft, ein besonders schönes Exemplar habt Ihr Euch gesichtert. Ich freu mich schon sehr auf die erste reale Entdeckungsreise 🍄

  2. Ich glaub unsere Bullis sind sich schon mal begegnet ;)